A Message from the Queen City Community
Civic League
December 05, 2015



Greetings Residents, Members and Friends of the Queen City Community Civic League.


The Queen City community was founded by a small group of families/relatives, who banded together to create a safe environment where they could fellowship, worship, and raise their families. Due to the values of its origin, Queen City’s spirit of family and fellowship remain at its core today.


As we embark upon a new year, we are reminiscent of the many contributions to this legacy of fellowship and community that we commemorate annually by our Fourth of July “Queen City Day” celebration

Today, we face new social and political challenges that threaten the safety and peace of our Queen City. The Civic League, although voluntary, is vital to success in preserving safety and security of our family and homes. Our Leagues role is to channel information that is viable and necessary to deter criminal activity, clean-up blighted areas, and to empower its constituency, by communicating as (one voice) to the cities of Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake respectively.

  As citizens, we have a moral and civic obligation to our children, and ourselves, to bear ownership of our community, by making certain our environment remains beautiful, and safe. When we together, take an active role to enhance, and improve our surroundings, we ensure that the quality of life we expect, is realized. 


Quote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Unquote, Martin Luther King Jr.


  Thank you to all participants and volunteers in our missions.  We invite all who have an interest in the success of the Queen City community, to please join us at our regularly scheduled monthly meeting.




Daniel J. Mack 

Daniel J. Mack, II

Queen City Community Civic League

President  2015-2019