All things change over time. In most cases small the changes occur very slowly, however when a major change appears very quickly, there is a name for an such event:


adjective  tec·ton·ic \tek-ˈtä-nik\

1. having a strong and widespread impact <a tectonic shift in voting patterns.


On Jan 25th, 2011, the world for the first time witnessed a revolution that brilliantly leveraged the

power of social networking tools to overthrow a corrupt regime in Egypt.  Facebook, twitter and blogs were all used to mobilize people all over Egypt. The 30-year dictatorship regime of President Mubarak was overthrown after 18 days of peaceful demonstration.



 The Queen City community is at a very critical empass in its 200 year history. For several centuries the family elders of the Queen City community led the community, and protected its citizens from forces that sought to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the community. For most of Queen City's 200 year existence it has been ignored for equitable distribution of taxpayer funding for community improvements by the cities of Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake. Despite many years of being denied critical services that were provided to other communities,  the men and women of Queen City did not become discouraged , and willingly give up their land, as hoped for by the those whom constantly employed the tactics to acquire their land without actually paying for it. 


With little to no formal education, or financial resources, they builtand maintained Queen City through two centuries of  social and political intimidation to steal, or run them off their land.


 The Sons and Daughters of QC around the world hold the power to create a tectonic shift


 It is time that we demand the full recognition of Queen City as an historic community of significant importance to African Americans, and American history.  The fight begins on the battlegrounds of :Facebook, Twitter, and Instagam.


***Associate Members are non-resident supporters who share an interest in the betterment the Queen City Community***

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