Letter to Chesapeake City Council requesting for code enforcement

To : The City Of Chesapeake City Manager, City Mayor, and

Members of The City Council.


Dear Sir(s),

On behalf of the Queen City Community and president of the Queen City Community Civic League, we are respectively requesting the City of Chesapeake’s City Council to enforce all provisions of Article (II). - Junkyards, automobile graveyards and towing service storage yards [ Sec. 19-52. - Enforcement of chapter; right of entry; inspections. / (Code 1970, §§ 5-2, 5-3(m); Ord. of 8-25-70; Ord. of 1-27-76; Ord. of 3-18-86; Ord. No. 96-O-144, 9-10-96) / Sec. 19-91. - Conflict with zoning ordinance or other laws. Sec. 19-53. - Penalties. (Code 1970, § 5-4; Ord. of 8-25-70; Ord. of 3-18-86) Sec. 19-87. - Fences and screening. / Sec. 19-90. - Unloading area. Chesapeake, Virginia - Code of Ordinance code Sec. 74-251.  Ordinance code Sec. 74-251: in the 2900 block of Queen City road, Chesapeake, VA 23225.

 Queen City Road is the entrance into the historic community of Queen City. It begins in the 2900 block just off of Providence road, one block west of South Military Hwy, Chesapeake VA.

At the beginning of Queen City road is Ditch Witch of Virginia on the right corner, and Rick Hendrick Collision Center on the left. Queen City road runs between two these businesses.  

On the right side of Queen City road, is fencing along the “Right of Way” that is landscaped with shrubbery.  On the left side just off the corner Queen City road are paved horizontal parking spaces that extend from the Rick Hendrick Collision Center building, to the foot of road, eliminating a “Right of Way”.

Fencing extends from the rear of the Rick Hendrick Collision Center building down Queen City road to the end of the businesses property line. (Employee parking) signs are posted along the outside of the fence implying that area, which is actually The City of Chesapeake  “City Right of Way “ is owned by Rick Hendrick Collision Center, and designated for the purposes of  its employee parking.  This area outside of the fence, is routinely used to store wrecked cars and trucks that are awaiting repair.  

Further down Queen City Rd, are several automobile repair shops on the right side of the road, and a Junk Yard/ Salvage Yard (Unidentified/ No signage) on the left that extends to the end of the 2900 block.   On the right, is a large open ditch that begins half way down the block,and ends just before a blind curve to the right.   No physical “Right of Way” exist on the right side of this section of the 2900 block. Junk cars, busses, and trucks are parked and towed into every available “Right of Way “space in front of these businesses, In addition to vehicles parked for commercial purposes throughout the residential community streets for several days at a time.

We the citizens of the Queen City Community, in lieu of the challenges presented by the limited physical “Right of Way” space, large open ditch, and blind curve into the residential housing section of the community, respectfully request that the remaining “Right of Way “of the 2900 block of Queen City road, The entrance to the Historic residential Community of Queen City be designated a NO PARKING zone.  

Residents of the Queen City community and members of neighboring communities are required to navigate this dangerous corridor that is perpetually cluttered with parked and towed vehicles on a daily basis.

Captain Dunlap Commanding Officer, Chesapeake police department, Second Precinct, has met with our community Civic League regarding this problem, and has advised that the police department’s options to correct this problem are limited to the issuance of 3-day warning tags placed on the vehicles in violation.  This measure has only resulted in the vehicles being re-positioned by the owners every 3 days to avoid the issuance of a citation. 

Sec. 74-251- No person shall park any automobile, truck or other automotive equipment on the roads, public rights-of-way, highways and streets of the city or of the state in the city, when such person is parking any such automobile, truck or automotive equipment in pursuance of commercial purposes. 

A substantial number citizen complaints, citing the above activity as a threat to public safety, health and the general welfare of the community, have been received and documented by the Chesapeake department for Citizen’s Advocacy , along with multiple request for the above location to be investigated and corrective action taken. In regard to theses request, dating back to May 17, 2016 to have existing ordinances enforced in the protection of citizens’ rights and public safety, no response has been given. We look forward to your prompt attention in addressing this matter.  Please see attached photographs.



Daniel J. Mack II 

Presiding officer 

Queen City Community Civic League







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