Queen City Day 


                                                                                            Saturday  , July 6th, 2019 


The 23rd annual Queen City Day Block Party Celebration is almost upon us, and once again on July 6th, 2019, the celebration will begin.

"Q.C. Day"  A day when up to 2000 people fill the streets and the yards throughout the community to enjoy delicious food and fellowship with old and new friends.  Celebrating the over 200-year history of the Queen City community, and its Cultural legacy of Faith, Family, and Fellowship.


       Date: July 6th, 2019   

      Location:  (Queen City)  Park, Tamer Ave. VB

       Opening Ceremony        11:00    AM

       National Anthem       

       Words from Clergy      

       Gest speakers  (TBD)

       Guest performance    

       Closing   Prayer                 12:30   PM

       Community fellowship   1:00 PM-  8:OO PM





           The Queen City Civic League  relies on membership dues &

Donations from local Businesses  that support the community & Queen City Day

We are a volunteer-run Nonprofit 501C 3. All funds are used to sponsor the events of Q.C.Day and to maintain yearly operational expenses such as this website.

Thank you to all who support the Queen City Civic League, and efforts in  cultural preservation & advancement of the Queen City Community