Our Goals


 Goals of the Queen City Community Civic League

1.Fixing,” the parking of non-resident vehicles on community streets and right of ways by businesses for commercial purposes.  , which includes not only Queen City Rd, but Sun, Luxor, and Tamer Avenues. 


2. The Light Industrial zoned area of Queen City has evolved over the years with little to no restrictions. Building permits and disruptive parking design plans have been allowed without the consideration of the Historic Residential area of Queen City. The 2900 block of Queen City road is the main artery to and from the community that all vehicular and pedestrian traffic, to and from the community must navigate. The current congestion poses a significant threat to the Health, Safety, and welfare of citizens who must travel this corridor daily.  

The Infrastructure improvements that crucially needed, exist within the city of Chesapeake corridors of the community. The resurfacing and widening of the light industrial zoned, primary artery of Queen City Road is greatly needed  to safely accommodate the extensive vehicular, pedestrian, and commercial traffic of this main artery to and from the community, The7-foot wide open ditch along Queen City road must also be piped in and surfaced over. 

3.A contributing source of residential property devaluation in the Queen City , has been laxed enforcement of commercial  licensing violation, and lack of adherence to building maintenance codes by local businesses. Strict enforcement of commercial zoning ordinances by the City of Chesapeake. Commercial businesses are required to maintain their properties free of clutter, and up to safety and compliance codes;

Handling procedures of 911 emergency calls: 911 Calls that originate from the Queen City area, are routinely misrouted and thus mishandled, due to blurred municipal lines,  by the  cities of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach  Police departments.


4. Historic recognition preservation and protection of the existing, over 200-yr old Queen City Community.


The realization of a safe and vibrant Queen City community can only be accomplished through our collective genius and collective efforts. This community civic league submits to you at every level, department, and a task concerning issues that impact the Queen City community.


 We will continue to be committed to our citizens, innovative in our thoughts, and strive to become seamlessly connected in our processes. As champions of our vibrant city, diligent in our efforts to assure the improvement of our infrastructure and enhancement of safety and peaceful tranquility of our community. As we push forward to implement  "Renew Queen City", we welcome your continued feedback and ideas to improve safety, health, and welfare of  The Queen City Community. 

We thank you for the confidence and continued support given to our administration and trustee board, to lead our community toward the manifestation of its potential.

 We are Queen City.


D.Mack II

Presiding officer