Queen City is a geographically small community of approximately 35 homes. Many of the remaining original residents are now in their golden years of life. These two facts alone make it mathematically impossible for the existing handful of residents to financially sustain a viable community organization that can effectively address the political and social needs of the community.  


The Queen City Community Civic League was granted 501c3 status as a NonProfit organization in October2016. Our goal to pursue Federal, Stae Block Grant funding to improve the Community.The 501C3  primary focus will be to advocate the fair treatment and  representation of the communities best interest to loacal goverment. The organization will also serve as a platform to promote the historical importance of the Queen City community and to vigilantly pursue the processes to obtain Historic Recognition Protection. 


By obtaining 501-C3 nonprofit status the community can now pursue grant funding and Tax exempt corporate donations that can be used to improve the quality life for our citizens, improve safety, provide  transportation for the elderly to and from medical appointments, shopping, and recreational outings. Through your tax-deductible support of the Civic League, you can effect a change that will insure continued improvement in beautification , safety and tranquility of the Queen City Community .